Employees are a company's greatest asset

If a business finds top talent, they’ll want to do their best to hold onto and reward it. To do that, they’ll need the right employment documentation in place.

When things don’t work out between employee and employer, it’s equally important that the right contracts and procedures are in place for employer and employee to go their separate ways with as little fuss as possible.

With a little care and attention, the potential for costly employment mistakes can be avoided. Often this can be as simple as getting the right employment contracts and HR policies in place.

Unfortunately, plenty of employers ignore the basics, which can lead to expensive employment claims and large pay outs.

If you’re an employee who’s been mistreated or unfairly dismissed, it can be a very stressful time and you probably won’t know where you stand. Fortunately, whether you’re an employer or an aggrieved employee, a little advice from a specialist employment lawyer can go a long way.

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