Get on the right side of the argument

Disputes are rarely pleasant, even if you were the one to start it. But sometimes conflict is unavoidable and the only way to resolve things is to go to court.

That doesn’t mean all disputes need to end up in court, far from it. Going to court is expensive, time consuming and, with a range of alternatives available (from negotiation to mediation), most lawyers will only advise going to court as a last resort.

If you get into a dispute, it’s often worth trying to find an amicable solution before getting lawyers involved. If you’ve tried this, then the next step is usually to speak to a lawyer to establish your position and consider your strategy. If your case is weak, settling or dropping it at this stage could save you a great deal of time and money.

If you do have a claim worth pursuing, then it’s worth taking legal advice. Whilst you may not intend to end up in court, the court may penalise you for failing to take certain steps if you do - so you need to be prepared.

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