What to look out for with commercial property

Whether you’re renting space for a shop, letting an office, selling a warehouse or investing in the Gherkin, it’s important you have all the relevant information.

Which issues you need to consider will depend on your needs and what the commercial space is used for. A start-up business looking to rent their first office will have very different needs to a landlord looking to sell a warehouse.

From a legal point of view though, there are some key things everyone needs to look out for when dealing with commercial property. Businesses and investors who don’t take legal advice can find themselves tied into long expensive leases they can’t get out of, or forced to leave a valuable premises they’ve rented for many years.

A little bit of legal advice at the right time can go a long way. But how do you find the right person to help? And how do you know whether they’re offering you a fair price? That’s where our lawyers can help.

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