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We’ve got lots of great lawyers ready and waiting to help you across a range of practice areas.

  • You submit your enquiry: Our easy to answer form will help tease out all the information the lawyers will need to provide accurate quotes.
  • We review it: Just to make sure we have everything the lawyers will need to quote. If not we’ll drop you a quick call or email.
  • We circulate it: Your enquiry (on an anonymised basis) is sent to the specialist lawyers who practice in the area you need.

Our lawyers can help with enquiries which fall within these Practice Areas

We are an invitation-only service. We only accept experienced lawyers who offer the highest quality service in their chosen field. Most of our lawyers are either listed in prestigious directories, like Chambers & Partners or the Legal 500, or work for firms that are.

We’ll alert suitable lawyers in your area as soon as you submit your job. Because we get bespoke quotes for every enquiry, it can take a little time for lawyers to review your job and submit a quote. However, because each quote is bespoke, you can be sure you’re getting accurate and competitive quotes.

Most of the time you can expect to get 4-5 quotes within 24 hours. If you want to speed things up a bit, you can invite lawyers to quote on your enquiry through your dashboard. Showing you’re interested in a particular lawyer usually encourages them to quote for your work.

We only offer our service for lawyers practicing in relation to the laws of England and Wales. If your enquiry doesn’t relate English or Welsh law, we’re afraid we can’t help.

Choose your lawyer

We’ll notify you as new quotes come in. Once you’re ready, take a look at them to decide which ones you like and want to discuss further.

  • Compare quotes & lawyers: Our helpful table allows you to easily compare the best quotes by price, timeline, lawyer details and more.
  • Review profiles: Find out more info, such as ratings, testimonials, a biography and more.
  • Shortlist & hire: With just one click a lawyer will be in touch to discuss your job. If you like them, tell them they’re hired so they can get to work.

It’s up to the lawyers in your area to decide what they quote on, so we can’t tell you exactly how many quotes you’ll get. On average you can expect to receive 5 quotes per job, which is usually more than enough to find out how much your job should cost and to choose a suitable lawyer.

Because most jobs receive more than 3 quotes, which is more than enough to get an idea of what your job costs.

We do not give preferential treatment to any of the lawyers on our service. We are fully independent and will always pass on the best possible quotes in each category.

You can compare shortlisted lawyers by reviewing their profiles. Each lawyer’s profile contains key details like their qualification (e.g. solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive), how long they’ve been practicing and their position (e.g. partner or associate).

You’ll also be able to review their ratings and testimonials to establish whether they consistently provide a high level of service. You’ll be pleased to know that we monitor this too, so between us we’ve got it covered.

Looking for a bit more info on how to find and choose a lawyer? Check out our handy  Guide to Finding a Lawyer.

Yes, we offer a location-based service for enquiries where you’ll need a local lawyer.

No, we take a small fee from lawyers who quote for your work. You don’t pay us a dime.

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Job done! All we ask now is that you leave a bit of feedback on any lawyer you hire, so future clients can benefit from your experience and find the best lawyer for them.

  • Leave feedback: Give your lawyer a rating.
  • Leave a testimonial: Got something to say? Leave a testimonial which future clients can read to help make their decision.

Only clients who actually hire and use a lawyer through our service can leave feedback. We monitor feedback to ensure it’s genuine and accurately reflects the service clients receive.

It will only take a minute or two and your feedback will be really helpful for other users looking to find a lawyer. Your feedback helps make our service better.

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