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Get quotes from top lawyers

We’ve got lots of great lawyers ready and waiting to help you across a range of practice areas.

  • You submit your enquiry: Our easy to answer form will help tease out all the information the lawyers will need to provide accurate quotes.
  • We review it: Just to make sure we have everything the lawyers will need to quote. If not we’ll drop you a quick call or email.
  • We circulate it: Your enquiry (on an anonymised basis) is sent to the specialist lawyers who practice in the area you need.

Our lawyers can help with enquiries which fall within these Practice Areas

We are an invitation-only service. We only accept experienced lawyers who offer the highest quality service in their chosen field. Most of our lawyers are either listed in prestigious directories, like Chambers & Partners or the Legal 500, or work for firms that are.

Because we get bespoke quotes for every enquiry, it takes a little time for the lawyers to submit them. However, because each quote is bespoke, you can be sure you’re getting accurate and competitive quotes.

Having said that, we usually get quotes to you within 24 working hours, if not a little quicker. If we need more information from you, we’ll usually get your quotes to you within 24 working hours of speaking to you.

Whilst we’d love to get you instant quotes, legal enquiries are often too complex for lawyers to provide accurate fixed quotes.

We only offer our service for lawyers practicing in relation to the laws of England and Wales. If your enquiry doesn’t relate English or Welsh law, we’re afraid we can’t help.

Choose your lawyer

Within hours, you’ll have details of the top three quotes that best fit your enquiry. You’ll also be informed of the number of lawyers who quoted and the highest quote, so you know where you stand.

  • The top three: Our helpful table allows you to easily compare the best quotes by price, timeline, lawyer details and more.
  • Review profiles: Find out more info, such as ratings, testimonials, a biography and more.
  • Pick a winner: With just one click your lawyer will be in touch to sort out next steps.

We shortlist the top 3 quotes in different categories (based on things like price and  ratings) for you to choose from.

We’ll also let you know how many lawyers quoted, the highest quote and the average quote.

Because we tell you how many lawyers quoted and what the highest, lowest and average  quotes were. We give you all the information you’ll need to work out what a fair fee is for your enquiry.

We do not give preferential treatment to any of the lawyers on our service. We are fully independent and will always pass on the best possible quotes in each category.

You can compare shortlisted lawyers by reviewing their profiles. Each lawyer’s profile contains key details like their qualification (e.g. solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive), how long they’ve been practicing and their position (e.g. partner or associate).

You’ll also be able to review their ratings and testimonials to establish whether they consistently provide a high level of service. You’ll be pleased to know that we monitor this too, so between us we’ve got it covered.

Looking for a bit more info on how to find and choose a lawyer? Check out our handy  Guide to Finding a Lawyer.

We don’t offer a location-based service. Given the great advances made in technology, our lawyers are generally happy to work remotely using phone, email and programs like Skype. Where a face-to-face meeting is required we’ll do our best to pair you with local lawyers, but we can’t guarantee this.

Agree and pay fees easily

You can pay your lawyer by the hour, or agree to a fixed price or estimate. We’ve set up an easy to use payment system allowing you to pay your lawyer quickly and easily through our system.

  • Easy pay: Easily agree and pay fees through our system.
  • Reporting: Keep track of your legal spend.
  • Wide variety of payment methods: We offer lots of different ways to pay your lawyer.

There’s no immediate payment to be made on instructing your lawyer (although we do verify your payment details).

You’ll get a notification from us when your lawyer requests a payment from you (e.g. an initial payment on account or when your matter is completed) which you can pay by logging into your account.

We charge a 10% service fee on what you pay your lawyer. E.g. if your lawyer’s fees are £1,000, our fee will be £100 (i.e. 10% of £1,000) - meaning the total fee you'll pay is £1,100.

Our fee is priced into the quote you receive from your lawyer at the start and our fee percentage remains the same, so you know exactly what you’ll pay when you instruct your lawyer. We take our fee when you make payment to your lawyer, not before, so there’s nothing for you to pay upfront.

If your lawyer’s fees go up or down, so does our fee – meaning you’ll never pay too much. In the event you don’t go ahead with your lawyer and you’ve already made a payment to them which they refund, we’ll refund our fee too - no fuss. Our fee is capped at £10,000 per enquiry, so there's a limit to how much you'll pay us.

Clients save on average 44% using our platform vs. going direct to the lawyer (as lawyers are incentivised to submit their best quotes in order to win your business), so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal with us even with our fee included.

We’re afraid not. By submitting an enquiry and agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree to pay your lawyer via our platform. That’s how we get paid our fee, which we need to keep our service going!

MyLegalAdviser makes agreeing fees and paying your lawyer simple and fast. Easily keep track of all your fees and payments and make payment with any major debit or credit card.

Rate your lawyer

Job done! All we ask now is that you leave a bit of feedback on your lawyer, so future clients can benefit from your experience and find the best lawyer for them.

  • Leave feedback: Give your lawyer a rating in four key categories.
  • Leave a testimonial: Got something to say? Leave a testimonial which future clients can read to help make their decision.

Only clients who actually hire and use a lawyer through our service can leave feedback. We take feedback from clients at the time they make payment, or cancel the retainer, so you can be sure the feedback is genuine.

It will only take a minute or two and your feedback will be really helpful for other users looking to find a lawyer. Your feedback helps make our service better.

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