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How it works


Create your profile

It’s quick and easy to get started, just fill out our simple form and you’re ready to start pitching for new business. So whether you’re looking to make that case for partnership, boost billables or just supplement the quieter times, we’ve got you covered.

  • Speedy sign up process. We just need a few details to get you set up and you’ll be ready to start quoting.
  • It’s free to use. You don’t pay to join or use our service. No fee, no fuss.
  • Tailored to you. Tell us which of our practice areas you specialise in and you’ll only receive relevant enquiries.

MyLegalAdviser is an invitation-only service. We only accept experienced lawyers who are able to offer a high-quality service in their chosen specialism. Most of the lawyers on our books are either listed in directories like Chambers & Partners or the Legal 500, or work for firms that are. If you’re accepted onto our service, rest assured you’ll be among high calibre peers.

Whilst we get a range of clients using MyLegalAdviser, our service is primarily targeted at SMEs and moderately sophisticated private clients who require bespoke, and often complex, legal advice.

Find the right job for you

You’ll get a notification when a suitable new enquiry comes in. If you like the look of it, submit a quote. If your quote is one of the best it will be shortlisted and sent to the client. Simple.

  • Receive all the info. We get as much relevant information as possible to allow you to submit accurate quotes without having to ask lots of questions.
  • Pick work that suits you. We get all kinds of jobs, from the run-of-the-mill to the downright complex. Which enquiries you pitch for is up to you.
  • Submit your quotes. Quickly and easily submit the type of quote you want (fixed, estimate, hourly rate or initial consultation) through our simple to use system.

Whilst we do our best to get all the information (legal or otherwise) which you’ll need to submit an accurate quote, sometimes it won’t be possible to get everything. Where that’s the case, you can ask the client a question quickly and easily through our system.

We appreciate clients may not always give you the full picture up front. That’s why we make it clear to clients all quotes are indicative and subject to you receiving full instructions. Where the scope of the job is different to what you first thought, you won’t be held to your original quote. However, any lawyers found submitting low quotes they don’t intend to honour just to win work will be in breach of our terms and may be removed from our service.

Win clients and get to work

If the client chooses your quote, congratulations! What happens next?

  • Make contact. We’ll give you the client’s details, and the client your details, so you can get started.
  • Wait…which quote was this again? We’ll remind you of the enquiry details and your quote, so you’ll have all the information you need to hand.
  • What if I’m not shortlisted? If your quote isn’t shortlisted no-one will see it (so you don’t have to worry about not looking your best) – better luck next time!

Up to 3 quotes will be shortlisted and sent to the client. These will usually be: the lowest quote, the quote from the highest rated lawyer and the first quote submitted.

Agree fees and get paid easily

You can agree with clients to be paid by the hour, or agree to a fixed fee or estimate. All payments made by the client (except disbursement payments) are made quickly and easily via our platform.

  • Simple payments process. Easily agree fees and get paid through our system. Payments are made directly to your firm office/client account.
  • Reporting and invoicing. Easily keep track of fees earned through our service and as well as how much business you are (or could be) generating.

Great feedback helps win clients

Job done! All clients are invited to leave feedback which will help you to stand out against competitors.

  • 5 star service. You’ll be given a rating in four key categories (advice, service, fees and timing).
  • Receive testimonials. Impressed the client? Great, they can leave a glowing testimonial helping you win future business.

Every lawyer has a profile, which they can edit at any time. It’s up to you whether your profile is showcased on our site or kept private. If you prefer to keep it private, only clients whose work you quote on and are shortlisted for will get to see your profile and feedback. You can delist your profile (so it can no longer be viewed by anyone) and cease to use our service at any time.

Only clients who instruct a lawyer through our service can leave feedback.

Never fear! New sign-ups are given the opportunity to nominate referees to give initial ratings and testimonials. Referees must be clients/intermediaries who you’ve worked with in the past 18 months. You can only choose three, so choose wisely!

We understand that sometimes your duty as a lawyer is to tell clients things they don’t want to hear. Unfortunately, clients don’t always appreciate or understand this. If you feel you’ve received unfair feedback, just let us know and we’ll look into it. Where we find feedback that isn’t a fair reflection of the service received, we’ll remove it.


Our service and payment structure is fully compliant with the latest version of the SRA Code of Conduct. We’ve discussed our service, including our fee terms and payment process, in detail with the SRA Professional Ethics team to ensure lawyers using our service won't be in breach of their professional obligations.

The number of lawyers on our service is constantly changing as we aim to balance the number of lawyers with the number of enquiries we receive. This is to ensure clients get a useful range of quotes, whilst also making sure that all the lawyers on our service have a good chance of winning any potential enquiry.

We don’t offer a location-based service. Clients are generally happy to work remotely using phone, email and programs like Skype. Where a face-to-face meeting is required we’ll do our best to pair a client with a local lawyer, but we can’t guarantee it.

No, you won’t need to print and sign any contracts, but if you want to join our service, you’ll need to agree to our Terms & Conditions.

We envisage that lawyers who work for a law firm will generally join our service to win clients on behalf of that firm. Any lawyers who wish to join our service separately must ensure that they meet all the regulatory requirements (e.g. having PII and complying with the SRA/CILEX rules) and are responsible for ensuring that they comply with the terms of their own employment contracts.

We only offer our service for lawyers practicing in relation to the laws of England and Wales. If you don’t practice English or Welsh law, we’re afraid you aren’t eligible to join our service.

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